Composer Todd Kitchen has written for many of the leading new music ensembles of today, including Loadbang, Ensemble Dal Niente, Talea Ensemble, Transient Canvas, ECCE, PRISM Quartet, Sound Icon, and the Lydian String Quartet. Recent awards include the 2018 Transient Canvas Fellowship and a Barlow Commission, as well as inclusion in numerous conferences and festivals. His music takes inspiration from the often-unseen complexities and processes that comprise our universe and adorn our lives, from something as seemingly mundane as the flavor development of toast, to the tenuous relationship between binary neutron stars. He is also the creator and co-host of the Contemporary ClassiCAST, a podcast that deals with new music issues in a very, very (read: not) serious manner. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate (ABD) in music theory and composition at Brandeis University, and he received his bachelor’s degree in Composition from Brigham Young University. Todd currently lives just outside of Boston with his wife and two children, where you can find him daydreaming about astrophysics and long-haul airliners.