Winter Update

Following a fantastic premiere of “Atemspiel” by the Lydian String Quartet in December (recording can be found here!) I’ve had a nice break and am looking forward to the new semester. Two important points of news:

1. I’ve started work on my thesis piece, a new work for sinfonietta which will be recorded by Sound Icon in April. More news as progress merits…

2. A premiere date has been set and rehearsals are underway for my new work for choir, “What God Hath Meant,” commissioned by the BYU Singers. They’ll be singing it as part of their concert March 27th. It is a setting of a thoughtful poem by Henry David Thoreau that reads:

I’ve searched my faculties around
To learn why life to me was leant
I will attend His faintest sound
And then declare to man what God hath meant.

I’m very grateful and excited for this opportunity to write for such a fantastic choir, of which I was a member (Maddy too!), and such a great conductor and mentor, Ron Staheli.